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90s kid && I love it! -miruhmiruh

Shine bright sunshine!

Shine bright sunshine!



MAYA ANGELOU ‘Phenomenal Woman’

That’s me.

Words to live by. Thanks Maya Angelou!

The sexiest wallpaper!

The sexiest wallpaper!


These photos span over about the last 6 years from 18 to 24 …in between there I’ve been all different types of people , short , tall , slim , heavy , curly , straight , materialistic , basic , intellectual, spiritual , “deep” , shallow, boring, exciting ,VERY sick , VERY healthy ,defeated , strong, insecure , empowered , permed , natural , caked up makeup covering every freckle and flaw , No makeup at all conservative , half nekked … WHATEVER I can Barely remember everything that’s taken place . My friends joke and call me mrs 9 lives lol all I can be is blessed and thankful that God continues to transform me I’m NO where near there yet but I’m gladly forever a work in progress . From 209 lbs at my heaviest to 130 at my slimmest I’m just ME . #tbt never be ashamed of your process and fuck letting anything back you into a corner . Bless



i swear @yg is so cute 

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